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Welcome to Mary's Grace Designs!


I am Sally Lindeboom.


I started creating jewelry about 20 years ago and tapped into an exciting passion I didn’t know existed!  I have always loved fashion and all its elements. Handcrafting  jewelry is a tremendous venue in which to experience this.


Creating these beautiful designs is a ministry for me as well as a means of support. Gifts to sick individuals or those recently facing the loss of a loved one have been received with appreciation and comfort.


Just recently, I was asked to create a large quantity of rosary bracelets for a charitable event. The event and my designs were met with great enthusiasm. The sale was a huge success.


As a result, I have decided to apply my experience in design, various media and jewelry skills to this very specific ministry. As this rosary bracelet is very visible and convenient, I believe it will help associate the beauty of art and nature with promoting our faith and praying the rosary. At the same time I trust it will provide some income for myself.


Each rosary bracelet is crafted by myself. I make every effort to have everything displayed on our website available. Please call me as I will welcome requests for custom designs.


Have a Blessed Day! Thank you so much for your interest.


Member: St. Elizabeth Seton Parish, Pickerington, Ohio

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